Marshmallow Making


We had a spontaneous party last Saturday. It was determined that it would be a fondue party, and I was assigned to the chocolate fondue. So that meant I needed to make the homemade marshmallows I had seen a few days ago on Smitten Kitchen‘s site. Deb is one of my favorite food bloggers. A visit to the marshmallow recipe also pointed me to her homemade graham crackers, so I had to make those, too.


My crackers don’t look exactly like hers, because I made mine bigger, but man, they are de-li-cious. I had to put some in the freezer and then ration the rest of the leftovers, otherwise I could eat them all in one sitting.


We also had a yummy cheese fondue along with some chicken and a potato casserole. But as always, dessert is always key to me.

Good food, good friends = a good night.



2 thoughts on “Marshmallow Making

  1. Chicken + potato casserole + fondue … quite the eclectic mix, huh? Does it combine good OK cooking with french? 🙂

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