Super Star of the Month


Emily and I headed out on a 24-hour road trip to Harrison, Arkansas last weekend. Don’t worry, we made time to stop at the outlet mall, too.


We took the backroads to Branson. I passed the time wildflower spotting. A few weeks ago, bright purple flowers covered the hillsides along these Midwestern roads, with a few yellow ones reaching their heads out of the green.


Now, those are gone, and the grass is bursting with whites and pinks. I thought these were echinacea, but they don’t look like the echineacea flowers on wikipedia.


Whatever they were, the trip could have taken 8 hours if I stopped to take a picture of all the pretty spots. Em waited patiently while I got my photo-fix.


It was a fun, quick trip. I experienced barn-swinging for the first time. We didn’t take the time to take a picture, so I think I’ll just leave exactly what that is up to your imaginations.

And, just so you know:



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