And Summer Begins


It has taken me a while to feel like this place is my home. Just this year, after about 2 years here, I feel like I can call this place home because I have friends. And it seems like the circle continues to expand. Christy and Jake just arrived 2 months ago from Cincinnati, and we are already enjoying them.


We had a somewhat improptu, but fun, dinner last Saturday night. One of the members of our Australian office was visiting, and we had to show him a good time. I threw some meat in a marinade for a few hours before skewering and grilling it. Then I tossed some potato slices with herbs and olive oil in the oven to roast. Emily brought asparagus and fruit, and Christy showed up with an amazing salad. It was good summer food, topped off with pots de creme.


I never even knew it was possible to fit 7 people around our table, but it worked, and we all had a good time. Of course, we had to give Adam the authentic Australian experience: Vegemite. He wasn’t a fan, but we’ll keep working on him.



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