Slowing Down

I feel like I haven’t slowed down. In the past two months I’ve been in Michigan, Chicago, Nigeria, Colorado, and Indianapolis. I think that’s it, at least. Something may have gotten lost in the shuffle. But really, that’s how I like it. My next trip isn’t scheduled until July, and suddenly the summer seems wide open.

4236_88098585123_530060123_2276158_3079581_nIn Michigan we went to my dear friend T’s wedding. It was great to see them finally seal the deal. I served as wedding coordinator (Mistress of Ceremony, a term I’ve never heard before; is that a Michigan thing?). But I enjoyed having a job to do and feeling like I could contribute something.


My favorite husband ended up saving the day. He was helping out with ushering. During the rehersal they were having issues playing the music from the cd one of the sisters had burned. They thought burning a new disc or hooking up the computer to the church’s system would fix the problem, but not so. At the last minute, husband stepped in for the church’s sound person, and made it work. So he ended up being usher and techincal guru for the day. He was great.


S’s brothers gave seriously good speeches, both at the rehearsal dinner, and at the wedding. I gave a speech of my own. I’ve been saving this email exchange ever since T and S met in 2005 (I was there.) What a joy to finally read it at their wedding.

Dear S,

This is me, from the OM team. We are busy calling all the people who filled out cards. And I got your email address off the card, but I’m not really writing about work.

This is kind of stupid, but when I met you, I thought you would go really well with my friend T. (She is the one from Michigan on the team) We didn’t get to spend much time with you, so you guys didn’t get to know each other very well. But the thing I liked about you was your passion, and I know she has that too. I thought I would just suggest to you that you get to know her a little over email. I haven’t said anything to her about it.

Here’s her address: *****

Oh, and if you have any questions about her, I’ve known her for the last two years and lived with her on the ship, so I know her pretty well.


It’s nice to hear from you.  I soooo appreciated hearing first hand your guys’ experiences on the ships and I’m so fired up to pursue the Logos ministry in my near future…

You know it’s a little funny yoou mentioned T.  I felt that there might be a little spark there, but there was no time, or it didn’t seem appropriate to react on it.  I so admired her motivation and found that to be very attractive.  She is very attractive to begin with but with a beautiful heart too, she seemed like a real winner.  I’m stoked you thought we would go well together, because I did too.  I knew that there was no time for us to genuinely get to know eachother, but I think your email suggestion is one I will act on.  So if you’ve been with her for the past two years, and you think we’d go well together, I gather she is single.  K told me she was 26.  How cute did she look the day you guys left with straight hair and the cowboy hat on?


I guess you can all see how THAT turned out five years later…


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