Midwestern churches


In all my travels, I’ve developed a hobby of photographing churches.  I don’t know why exactly. It’s the stained glass, the architecture representing a past, building materials that reflect a culture, the spires straining against the sky?


Maybe it’s just because a church represents hope, the faith of a people in a community gathered together.


At the same time, there’s nothing holy about the building itself. And for many people, the church building itself probably stands for organized religion, the hypocrisy of Christians and a place of hurt.


When I take the photos, I know I probably wouldn’t agree with all of what is taught within those walls.


All I can do is do my best to be a part of the message of hope.



One thought on “Midwestern churches

  1. 1. I am a dork and thought you had just made a name up for yourself so I never checked this.
    2. Nate & I just ran across a bEAutiful church on our way to the Farmer’s Market. Next time you are in town, we will go explore and photograph it. Remind me!

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