The Kitchen Saga

When we purchased our home, we knew the kitchen needed work. First up, was the huge hole in the ceiling… left there by a water pipe that burst during a very cold winter while the house was unoccupied.


That same waterfall also dampened all the peel and stick tile on the floor and splattered on cabinet doors, causing water damage to the wood.


We knew a remodel was in our future, somewhere.


So we started with the obvious and fixed the hole, adding six can lights in during the process.



It was really dusty on the newly refinished wood floors.


And thank goodness for friends to help.


Because, let’s be real, when it comes to this sort of thing, I’m pretty useless. I’m a short 5′ 2″ weakling.


Next, we removed an old double wall oven that no longer worked, rebuilt the cabinet and did something with the gas line. (Moved it? I don’t know. I was probably packing up the other house when this was going on.)


I told my husband the house had to be “liveable” before I would move in.


For me, liveable means having hot water and a functioning kitchen. Also, no clutter, but that probably wasn’t going to happen for a few months.

[Sidenote: my awesome husband also swapped out the rusty, broken water-heater and installed a tankless water heater. They aren't common here, but I love it! If you need a new water heater, go tankless!]

Eventually, we got here:


At some point we swapped all the hardware out,


painted and added a new light over the sink.


Then we quit for a while, and worked on other things. Lots and lots of things.


[Gratuitous cute kid picture.]

And then, around 8.5 months pregnant on the day before Thanksgiving:


Yep. Good timing.

So that’s just a teaser for the rest of what we did. It’s not quite finished, and I’ve been waiting and waiting to show the final reveal, but it’s just not done. Life and all that.

But get excited, because there’s marble tile and a tiny grouter in a tie-dyed shirt.

Dutch People and their Coffee

This is the latest addition to our casa:


It’s a little coffee station on an unused nook.

Our house has a funny little area off the kitchen that used to be an entrance/mud room. After whoever enclosed the porch to make our sunroom, it became an awkward nothing space. We added a second pantry/closet by adding a wall and moving the folding door that separated the living room from the kitchen to that closet.

And this week, we (really the handy husband) added two shelves and a table to make this coffee spot. He first had to add the electrical outlet, taking power from the kitchen behind.

We still need paint touch-ups, but this station will see daily use in this house.

What’s Cooking at My House: Fried Apple Cakes


Are you doing Bountiful Baskets? I love it. It’s inexpensive and I get a bunch of fruits and veggies to work with for the week, forcing me to get creative with using them, as well as using new things occasionally.

I had about 15 little apples left over this time, with a new basket pickup this afternoon, so I needed to use them up. These Fried Apple Cakes were a good Saturday morning pancake alternative that felt a little healthy, even. With a dollop of Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, we got our protein in.

As I was cooking them, the 3-year-old popped up on his stool beside me and said, “I don’t like apple pancakes. I like regular pancakes. See? Those are dead.” But then he ate three, dead pancakes or no.